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  • Victoria Gonzalez BCD,BCP

What is a Doula? A Doula's Guide to Doulas

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

What is a doula?

You, probably like myself, googled this exact phrase and ended up here. It’s a good question because once you learn about doulas, you realize that there is not a one size fits all answer. Doulas provide physical, informational and emotional support. Over the course of this blog we will talk about what each of those supports looks like as well as why you might want them to support you at your birth.

Physical support sometimes looks like me squeezing your hips, helping you into a comfortable position, or even helping you brush your hair but it is so much more than that. I consider my ability to rely on my training and skills to know positions and points on your body to help you welcome your baby while being comfortable. This is partially done by getting to know you before being in your birth space. If I know that you love to have your head massaged when you are stressed, (Who doesn’t am I right?), I might suggest to your partner that we give that comfort measure a try during labor to see if it helps.

I am a certified BEST Birth Doula. This means that I have dedicated myself to my studies, attended training and passed my certification test. During the course of this process, I've had so many opportunities to learn and research many of the dimensions of birth (pregnancy, physiological birth, cesarean births, adoption and postpartum) but this is not why you hire me as your doula. I am a judgment free space where you can be connected to a chiropractor, health care professional, board certified lactation consultant or birth education. My job is not to lecture you on the various topics but provide you with unbiased information that lead you on a path to learn exactly how you want to birth your baby. You know your body/baby best and I am here to help support your goals and dreams not hold judgement.

As your doula, I believe in you no matter what. From contract signing I am available to my clients via text or call and love to stay connected! It helps me connect better with you and get to know you a bit more. During our prenatal visits we cover so much which is why I love having regular communication with my clients. It helps me be a better doula for you. I am also there as emotional support for your partner. They are emotionally involved in your labor and need connection and support too. Sometimes it’s just about checking in and listening and other times partners need to vent or express excitement about what is happening. I’m their safe space too. I am here for when you want to share your concern regarding a response from your care provider or you want to talk to someone about how excited you are that you just found out the sex of your baby. I can help you process your birth during postpartum and love to help you feel like more than just your baby.

BEST DOULA TRAINING said it best when they defined the question, “ What is a Doula?” with “Birth doulas build relationships with expecting families to help them have a positive birth experience. We help facilitate conversations between the birthing person and her care provider, provide non-judgmental support for her birth choices and support the family through labor and birth. We work with our minds, hearts and hands and we are a bridge to many other forms of care.”

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